Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rehersal Dinner

The Happy Couple
Gus & Jean

Everyone standing around watching the pinata proceedings.

I made those cool "car lot flags" with fabric scraps--sewed them onto yarn.

The mother-of-the-bride preparing to be blindfolded for pinata whacking.

Rachel (L), Jean's college friend, flew in from the Philippines to be a bridesmaid.
Wera (R), who attended Jean's high school as a foreign exchange student flew in from Germany to be a bridesmaid.

The lovely Emily Jones, high school friend from Indiana and a huge helper-outter.

Alex, Margie, Kelin (bridesmaid) & Elpi (bridesmaid) -- all Hastings friends.

We had pizza, wings & beer; smacked around a pinata; then lit some tikki torches and hung out by the fire--a very laid back and very fun backyard rehersal dinner.

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