Saturday, October 28, 2006

what happened today?

This morning, in good fun, Mo ran into the living room to hide from Ollie. He zipped behind the chair next to the book shelf. While trying to get behind the curtain he somehow got his feet tangled up in a cord. What cord? The cord to the old boombox stereo/cd player thing which came crashing down upon his head. What was on top of the boombox stereo/cd player? A stack of cds and silver salad bowl full of....cacti! These also came crashing down on his head. As he stood there screaming (and rightfully so) I came running to his aid in what? Bare feet!

So I scooped him up, extracted him from the fray and we sat on the couch. I rocked him and nursed his goose-egged head with cactus prickers sticking out of my foot.

Good times.

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