Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Day In The Life

Awoke to mix of snow and rain outside
Got two boys who peed their beds (yes, they are a little old for that and no, it doesn't happen very often) into the bath
Stripped two wet beds
Made coffee
Made three breakfasts (cereal, juice)
Made two sack lunches (whole wheat pasta with bacon bits, butter and parm, yogurt, wheat thins and juice)
Drank first cup of coffee
Welcomed next door neighbor Annie who walks to school with us
Supervised the putting on of coats, shoes, backpacks, hats & gloves
Poured second cup of coffee for the walk...

Walked Annie, Mo & Phoebe to school with Paul
Returned home with Ollie
Started laundry (see wet beds above)
Collected hampers from bedrooms and sorted for more laundry
Went to K-Mart for a lamp, clock and gloves
Took Ollie to public library for story hour
While Ollie participated in story hour I looked through crochet & yoga books, went outside with librarians to see where new drive-up book drop was being installed
Went home
Made Ollie lunch

Walked Ollie to school
Returned home alone!
Wrote letter to Nebraska Library Association Trustee Citation award winner to tell her she's won; Wrote letter to person who nominated said winner; filled out registration and cut check to pay for award recipient's meal at award luncheon
Wrote letter to Friends of Hastings Public Library and cut check on behalf of Nebraska Library Association in honor of a board member whose term has ended
Chatted with Paul on his lunch break

Went to yoga
Experienced bliss

Returned home
Ate some chicken while looking through November issue of Martha Stewart Living
Checked Email
Tidied up living room
Tidied up kitchen

Walked to school to retrieve children
Walked home with Phoebe, Moses, Oliver and friend who I watch after school, Zip
Supervised the unpacking of lunch boxes and backpacks
Made snack for four
Played one round of Uno

Zip's dad picked her up

Paul came home

Went to Library Board Meeting which I chaired because board president wasn't there (suddenly wierd spacing on the blog tht I can't fix!)

Came home to eat dinner Paul & Phoebe had prepared: salad and applesauce

Welcomed the Vonderfecht kids who came over for 10 minutes before weekday school at church Walked the six kids to church, divided them up into three different classrooms
Went to Walmart
Put my name in at Costcutters for a haircut
Went to pick up new frames and contacts while I waited for haircut
Got call from the treadmill company and wnet back and forth for a half an hour about how my treadmill has never worked right, how I've already replaced the electrical board, held for forever, determined it's the power cord (which she tried to charge me for--not happenin'), confirmed address that new free power cord will be sent to--all while standing in the optical department of Walmart
Went back to Costcutters and tell them I won't be getting my hair cut
Picked up glasses
Bought coffee (Starbucks Sumatra) and breakfast treats (apple turnovers!)
Talked to J and C in the bread & coffee aisle, they just got a call (while in Walmart) that J's mom had a stroke
Drive home
Tidy up kitchen
Tidy up living room

Picked up kids from church
assembled lamp and hung clock purchased this morning
Supervised lego clean up and piano practice
Quizzed Phoebe on spelling words and math fact flashcards
Made boys' beds, including top bunk--worst job ever

Read one chapter of Caddie Woodlawn to the kids
Doled out meds and supervised toothbrushing
Kissed kids goodnight

Watched tonight's episode of LOST which I taped, while eating Haagen Dasz coffee icecream
Freaked out over appearance of Boone; rejoiced at appearce of Hurly, while Paul tried to pretend he wasn't interested and had important stuff to do on the computer, but after asking "what happened?!" ten times he gave up the ghost and watched with me.

Brushed teeth

Read one chapter of All Quiet on the Western Front in bed (again with wierd blog spacing, sorry)

But most importantly, today I wore my new favorite socks with my old favorite shoes and jean skirt. Perhaps, I looked like an eight year old, but I was very pleased with myself.

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Hope said...

I love the socks and the shoes combo...and you do way lots more than I ever get done in a day. I'm a morning person so if the chores aren't done by lunch, then there's no chance they're gettin done unless it is a bedsheets thing or something needed for sleeping. You go.

emdunbar said...

there were a lot of extra things yesterday...there's usually not so much library. today i replaced all that library time with watching videos of "big train" on youtube. i think i might make knee socks be my signature look. i've always wanted a signature look.

i called you this morning. maybe i'll try again tomorrow...?