Saturday, September 30, 2006


I was at yoga on Wednesday, which I love. My friend Jen is our instructor and it's an afternoon class with about 10 women. We were all reintroducing ourselves at the start of class. The intros came around the room to me. I said, "I'm Emily Dunbar" and the woman in front of me turned around; took a little breath in; raised her eyebrows slightly and gave an "Oh--" of recognition.

I know this Oh Of Recognition. It is followed invariably by, 'You are Pastor Paul's wife." Not this time.

To my great suprise she said, "Oh--you're Emily Dunbar, the singer."

And I cocked my head, looked down at myself to see if I was indeed Emily Dunbar The Singer, sat up a little straighter in the lotus position (okay, okay..half-lotus) and said, "Well, yes. Yes, I am!"

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Anonymous said...

HOORAY FOR YOU!! I meant to write this long ago, but I am so pleased for you to be coming into your own as a singer/songwriter. I think you are so talented, and I want one of your first CDs.

And beyond your talent, I applaud your insistence on being you, emily, not just pastor paul's wife or the kiddo's mom...but Emily. I Woohoo for you. :)