Friday, October 13, 2006

Aaaaaargh! How to make a 3-point pirate hat

I didn't know if I could pull it off, but the pirate hat is done. Now, I just have to make the rest of the costume.

Crochet BeanieUse geometry to figure out size of doughnut hole to cut out of faux leather. I admit, my calculations were a little faulty--you'll see the back section folded over on itself, but whatever.Cut same shape out of cheesey stiff fabric that no one will really see to help it hold its shape. It turns out you can see it a little bit--but, again, whatever. Sew these two pieces together. I just laid one on top of the other and top stitched once around the inside circle and once around the outside.

Sew the edge of the hat to the inside circle--a little bit tricky getting the bulky crochet under the sewing machine foot, but it worked.Pin together the three points and stitch just enough to hold it in place.
Posted by Picasa And Voila! This boy will make a smashing pirate come Halloween.


Anonymous said...

queen of crafts you are!
and he makes a great pirate...
bought my elmer's spray adhesive y'day and i'm so pleased...thx for the tip!

emdunbar said...

I'm using stencils cut out of cardstock for phoebe's lifegaurd costume and have been using the elmer's spray to hold the stencils in place--works like a dream. Good ole Elmer. Glad he's doing a good job for you.