Monday, October 30, 2006

because what you want at the end of a 5-day weekend... for everyone to go BACK TO SCHOOL, not get pink-eye and all stay home. BUT, if they do all get pink-eye and have to stay home, what you want is an early a.m. doctor's appointment so they can be on eye drops for 24 hours and go back to school on they can wear their SUPER costumes, which they've been looking forward to for WEEKS, not get a 3 pm doctors appointment which leaves you wondering if Halloween must officially be cancelled and how in the world you will explain that when they FEEL just fine. But as it turns out, things don't always go your way, now do they?

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Carey M. said...

Please don't leave us hanging... what happened? This made me so sad. You worked so hard on the costumes!! I hope that you will let your kids force Halloween on everyone else tomorrow.