Tuesday, October 31, 2006

halloween (1 of 4 ) the lifeguard

Halloween was saved! Only the boys had pink-eye. While the school nurse they had to be on eye drops for 24 hours, the doctor said less...and I went with the doctor. They got dressed this morning in costumes for school; had parties (I'm a room mother for the second graders...we had a rockin' party); went trick or treating downtown after school; and now they are camped out in front of the TV watching Moster House in a sugar coma.

And now, I bring you: The Lifeguard

I printed out the red cross and lettering on cardstock, then used an exacto knife to make the stencils. Phoebe helped paint a lot of it. I bought the sweats, tanktop and whistle; found the visor and bag at Goodwill (I added a ribbon and clasp to the bag to make it a fannypack); and used halloween makeup for the zinc on her nose (they only sell newfangled CLEAR zinc now). Needless to say, she was the only lifeguard at school, and such a cute one at that. Posted by Picasa

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