Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dunbar-Magallanes Wedding

Thanks to Melanie, I now have the new obsessive time suck (and EXTREMELY helpful tool), Picassa, to publish photos much more easily and in cool collages like this! Posted by Picasa


Melly said...

I'm so pleased to have exposed you to Picasa...I love that stuff. I feel like there are a thousand things you could do with it, if I had more time to waste with it! The wedding looks like such are they related to y'all? It looks/sounds like such a fun and genuine and down-to-earth affair. The kids looked precious, too.

emdunbar said...

Seriously, thank you for introducing me to my new best friend, Picasa. I haven't found a photo program that I like--but this seems to be doing the trick.

Jean, the bride, is Paul's younger sister. These shots are almost entirely of the Dunbar family--Paul's mom and dad, two brothers & their fam's, plus Jean and our new brother-in-law, Gus.