Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn in Nebraska

Hooray for the low-tech goodness which is the pumpkin patch. We went on Sunday--before the weather turned sour and fall-ish for sure. We didn't even get pumpkins. There's too much to do to take time out for the hayrack ride into the field. (In NE it's "hayrack ride" not hayride. I stopped asking why and now I just go with it.)
There's nothing like sliding down a fiderglass sheeting slide built into the side of a hill on a burlap sack; or jumping off a diving board into a huge pile of hay; or going down a slide into a swimming pool full of corn; or feeding goats and sheep pellets you buy for a quarter from a gumball machine; or riding monster trikes around a dirt track; or zooming down a zip line in a wooden crate; or getting lost in a corn maze (no joke...I got a little panicky). Not to mention the kettle korn and home made fudge. Good times. I love Nebraska in Autumn.

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Anonymous said...

o, that really looks like SO much fun. and the pictures are really precious. beautiful kiddos.
i've never heard of such activity at a pumpkin patch! honestly, how would you ever get around to the picking?