Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hell has apparently frozen over

Well, wonders never cease. This morning I sat down and used geometry. Willingly. Because it actually served a practical purpose in my life. I should write Mr Sharpe, whose class I nearly failed (but then I would have to have gone to summer school and miss CIT year at CAMP so I pulled myself together enough to pass with a D+).

I'm making a three-point pirate hat for Mo's Halloween costume. I crocheted a skull cap and bought some faux leather for the big brim. I'll cut a big circle out of the leather with a smaller head hole in the center (like a doughnut), which I will then hand sew onto skull cap. Confused? I'll post pics when it's complete--assuming that my master plan actually pans out.

But I needed to know how big to cut the head hole. I can measure the circumfrence of Mo's head with a measuring tape. It was a matter of figuring out the radius or diameter of the circle. I knew pi was involved, but how?

Paul called his Mom.

It turns out c=2(pi)r

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