Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nothing to Hide

I think it's time to let go of the Dudley Moore joke. I got my hair cut shorter and like it a lot better. Remember Northern Exposure? I always wanted Maggie's hair but I've always been too chicken. I'm pretty close now. I had this whole idea of waiting until I lost a lot of weight before I hacked my hair off, but I began to see that it just wasn't gonna happen. So here I am. You can't hide behind this haircut!

This is me in the triple door medicine cabinet before church this morning.


Hope said...

Hey I totally like that haircut and I totally loved that haircut for the same reason. I've always wanted hair that short too, but I'm afraid it would just curl up and I'd look for Justin Timberlake circa NSync.

emdunbar said...

Do you ever watch Conan when he does "if they mated"? Now I'm picturing the photo of Hope & Justin spawn.

Maybe your hair won't curl up. It seems to get straighter with every baby...:)