Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good Morning & Welcome to Southwest Airlines

Two Things:

1) I am still recovering from a great but tiring wedding weekend. I went to yoga this afternoon and fell stone asleep. I had a dream and everything. So, pardon me, please, for not writing much. I'm going to get back into a groove here shortly.

2) Please listen to or download the song MGM Grand by Caroline Herring. I've heard her play twice and both times this song just killed me. I don't know what it is exactly...the slice of life quality to it...her going back and forth between singing and talking (like Nanci Griffith in Deadwood South Dakota)...or lyrics like "I've never staked a claim with the rich folk--though I am one." You can listen to most of it here or download it for a buck here (and won't it feel good to support independant music?)

photo of Caroline by me at Folk Alliance in Austin last February


Melly said...

I bet you are tired! The decos look fab though. Ok, I love Caroline. Makes me glad that you do, too. she's so great. Hope you got a nap today.....mel

emdunbar said...

I thought you'd like Caroline! I know she started her musical career in Oxford and then there's that line in Magnolias about "I met you in a living room in Jackson." Her lyrics are just so smart and literary. Good stuff.