Friday, September 01, 2006

where i'll be tonight

a conversation in the van between me (e) and ollie (o):

o: hey, mom, did you know that sometimes at night i hear god talking to me?

e: you do?

o: yeah. late at night when i'm in my bed i hear him talking and i know it's not phoebe or moses or papa or you. it's god.

e: wow, what does god say?

o: i don't know really but sometimes he tells me about good things.

e: how does it make you feel when god talks to you?

o:, does god ever talk to you?

e: i don't think so, ollie, he has not talked to me with his voice so i can hear him.

o: well, sometime you should come in bed with me. we'll have a snuggle in my bed and if we wait a long, long time...maybe we'll both hear him.


Anonymous said...

sweet, sweet o. what a dear boy. there's nothing like being a mom, huh? mel

Nate said...

Greatest. Post. Ever.

Weeping. Openly.

(NE City was splendid by the way.)

emdunbar said...

he is a sweet boy. phoebe occasionally has similar reports. neither can remember what god said. i wish i knew.