Friday, September 08, 2006

Date Night

I pulled off a coup at our house last night. I orchestrated a suprise for Paul and managed to keep the cat in the bag. I'm terrible at surprises. I open birthday gifts as they arrive--no waiting until the actual birthday. I get so excited about things I'm making, giving or planning for others that I have to tell them right away, completely spoiling anyone around me's chance at having a surprise. But I kept my lips sealed on this one.

About four years ago we saw a musican named Jalan Crossland at the Listening Room in Hastings. He is an unbelievable picker (guitar and banjo--five and six string). He has a whole old timey vibe going. Many songs have a traditional feel but with hilarious and bizzare lyrics and a dope smokin' hippy bent. We bought the one cd he had at the time and later sent away for the newer one when it came out. We listen to him all the time.

Once I got my mp3 player up and running -- yes, I did get an mp3 player and I love it in an obsessive and perhaps unhealthy way -- Paul had Jalan in heavy rotation. About this time I got an email that he was going to play at the Bieroc in McCook. I hid said email and made reservations for the show. A couple days later Paul asked if I would go online and see if Jalan had any new cds. Of course, I'd already been to his web site to investigate such things. But I didn't tell Paul that.

So, I told Paul to take off work early on Thursday Sept. 7 for a surprise. And bless his heart, he just said "okay" and never asked another question until Wednesday when he wanted to know if we were leaving town and what he should wear. I arranged for the kids to go next door after school until their aunt Jean could pick them up after dinner and stay with them the rest of the night.

I told Paul right before we got in the car and -- HOORAY--he was very excited. The show was great. Dinner was good. We met some nice folks. Got to talk to Jalan. Had a great date, just the two of us. Despite having to drive through awful storms on the way home, the drive was fine. We rolled in a little before 1 am. Matt from the Bieroc made us lattes before we left and gave us an awesome coffee cake that we had for breakfast this morning.

I'm a little sleepy at the moment, but --hey--all the kids are in school.....I might...just...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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