Friday, September 29, 2006

I've got a peg leg at the end my stump (shake your rump)

Halloween Costume Roster:

Phoebe: Lifeguard
Ollie: Mummy
Moses: Pirate

Oliver decided a year ago that he would be a mummy. That costume will be easy enough to whip up. Phoebe, after much discussion, decided on a lifeguard. She idolizes them. Everyday at the pool she looked upon them with stars in her eyes and wished she could one day be a lifeguard. It all seems pretty glamorous to a seven year old--the red suit, the whistle, the first aid fanny pack, the life preserver. Moses is prettty psyched about being a pirate--there is one problem though. He really wants a peg leg. If you have any good ideas for a faux wooden leg, please let me know. I said, "The only way I can think of to make you a peg leg is to actually cut your leg off, and we can't do that." To which Mo replied, "Well...maybe..." That's how much he wants one. He actually considered amputation. Now that's commitment to character.

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Melly said...

michael suggested he walk on stilts...but we're still thinking. sweet mo.