Wednesday, September 20, 2006

wedding decorations

I will eventually write something about the wedding itself, but in the mean time, here's how the decorations turned out. As always, I'm having a hard time posting pics, so even this portion of the wedding recap will have to be done in installments. I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats.

The Head Table:
Jean's friend Elpi has a party decoration business, so the table clothes, arch & garland are hers. The plants and luminaries are our design.

We used white mums and variagated grasses still in their plastic green pots from Walmart. The luminaries are white lunch sacks with a canning jar (I bought about 100 from good will @ 35 cents/jar -- I just noticed there is no "cents sign" on my keyboard, I suppose it's obsolete now...wierd), a scoop of sand and a tealight.

On a side note, I just finished planting all those mums and flowers in my yard, that's a perk I hadn't really considered in helping with the decorations. Nice!

More luminaries. The number of luminaries seemed excessive, but once they were all lit, the room had a nice, soft glow.

Here's the grapevine chandelier in all it's glory. It's suspended from a big metal hoop that can be raised and lowered from the ceiling. The canopy is simple plastic table sheeting bought by the roll. The plastic is taped to the hooped and attached with clothespins to the balcony of the auditorium. We were planning on installing the canopy ourselves but there was a wedding the weekend before and the building supervisor left their canopy up --SCORE! We just changed out their chandelier (ugly) for ours (lovely).

Below you can see the hoop lowered so we can install the chandelier. It took forever to get it all straight. In retrospect I should have just assembled it on site. I'm glad my mother-in-law is very detailed oriented and took the time to even it all out. I was ready to just launch it up there and be done with it.


Jean said...

You're the best Em! It was soooo beautiful! Your creativity and enthusiasm was a wonderful wedding gift!
love you!

emdunbar said...

Thus far my creativity and enthusiasm are my only wedding gift! Ha! I know the stuff I did was only a fraction of the work you and Gus did and it all turned out so well. A great party AND you get to be married to each other! How can you beat that? I'll post more pics soon.