Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Soul Asylum vs. Moses Dunbar

I used to like Soul Asylum back in the day. Runaway Train. White guy dreadlocks. I didn' t think they were around anymore until I saw them on Leno the other night. Without the white guy dreadlocks, the lead singer looks a lot like Kevin Bacon. And 10 or 12 years later the music seems to have suffered.

The song they played sounded like something I wrote in my sixth grade diary: "Stand up and be strong,--it won't take long--you can't go wrong--stand up and be strong." It's a long way from "you were there like a slow torch burning--I was a key that could use a little turning." What's next? "Without you I'm so blue. I will be true. I promise to?"

I'm a songwriter, how good of a songwriter is up for debate but I think I do all right. (Click here: to judge for yourself, but don't blog about how my songwriting is like something out of your sixth grade diary--that would be petty and rude.

It looks like Mo is going to take after both his parents. He wrote his first song. It's about birds. He wrote the lyrics and melody and I came up with a guitar part. We'll record it someday so you can hear.

Migration by Moses Dunbar 7/06

Migration--say bye to all those birds

Migration--say bye to all those birds

You don't need to give them a car

You don't need to give them a train

They can fly the whole way

(repeat all day long)

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