Monday, July 24, 2006

is nothing sacred?

why? why? why in the world would you mess with a good thing?

the 1992 vesion starring moira kelly and db sweeney:

the 2006 version starring who-gives-a-rip dizzy-ingly described as "both a sequel and a remake" (gag, cough, roll the eyes):

am i going to rent it? faster than you can say "toe-pick."


Hope said...

I am right there with you about the travesty of a remake and yet delighted all the same. Speaking of cheesy remakes, if you haven´t seen it, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights is definitely worth your time.

emdunbar said...

I have not indulged in Havana Nights yet. Sometime we should have back to back viewings of these cinematic works. Paul and Jon can go talk theology...go talk "what are YOU preaching on this week" and we'll go talk "this is my dance space, this is your dance space. spaghetti arms!" and "nobody puts baby in a corner."

Are you home yet?!?!

Hope said...

I will be home (in Chicago) at 9pm and will see Jon and the boys there. We´ll actually get home on Friday some time after our drive. I can´t wait!!