Monday, July 10, 2006

Between The Moon & New York City

Do you remember the Friend’s episode where Monica asks Phoebe to cut her hair like Demi Moore in Ghost? Phoebe starts cutting and is almost through when Monica says, “Phoebe, are you sure you know what Demi Moore’s hair looks like?” And Phoebe responds (to Monica‘s screams of horror), “Yes, yes….I loved him in Arthur.”

That’s kind of how I felt at the salon last week. I brought a photo in of a cute short haircut. It was a bold move, but what do I care, right? I’m a short hair sort of girl at heart. It’s only been in the past five years that my hair even touched my shoulders for the first time. So, going in and getting it hacked off should be no big deal for me. But it didn’t really turn out like the picture.
I found out that if you scowl and breath hard and point out how in the photo there are some “long bits” but on your head there are none, they don’t charge you very much for the haircut….and they let you buy styling products with the employee discount.

I did go back a week later, after I’d lived with it and styled it myself, and told my stylist that I did indeed like it. I told her that I seemed displeased, because I was displeased but that it was just panic induced. It wasn’t a great haircut. It was an average haircut at best, but I can work with it. It didn't deserve the scowling and hard-breathing, but I'll keep the discount, thankyouverymuch.

The thing that forced my hand on the haircut was a Nebraska Huskers t-shirt. We’ve been here five years and I still don’t give a rip about Nebraska football. It’s the biggest freakin’ deal in the world to Nebraskans and I just don’t care. I did however buy a Husker’s shirt at Goodwill.

I’ve been working on resizing t-shirts (buy a shirt, rip it apart and sew it back together so it fits you--sounds ridiculous, I’m sure. But if some of your parts…ahem, ahem…are slightly out of proportion to the rest of your parts, it’s hard to find a nice fitting shirt) and this red Husker’s shirt was in the bin--faded a bit, the screen print crackling a little. It had a nice worn feel to it so I bought it. I resized the sleeves (body of the shirt fit pretty well, but I could fit my thigh through the arm holes and sleeves were like sails flapping in the wind and nearly reached my elbows) and now it fits great.

Then I looked in the mirror: dirty blonde hair--straight, shoulder length, bangs; Husker’s t-shirt.

I looked like every other jerk in Nebraska.

So I ran off to the salon.

Now I look like Dudley Moore in a tailored Huskers shirt….nice.

I do like it. You don't have to post about how cute I am, really,'t do that...that's not why I blogged about it. Seriously. I am without need of validation. I'm okay with the haircut. You don't need to tell me that I really don't look like Dudley Moore...really.


Angela said...

Seriously, you really don't look like Dudley Moore! You are a short hair kind of girl. I was always jealous of your stylish hairstyles that you had at camp. I don't know how I remember this, but you had a haircut like Mary Stuart Masterson--is that her name? Anyway--I am enjoying reading your posts so much. I am always laughing! Reminds me of staying up late at camp laughing when the lights were out!

Hope said...

I just think you´re ballsy to go in and chop it off without a thought in the world. I´ve been growing my hair out for what seems like forever and now that I don´t have to clip it a million places to make it look OK, I´m not eager to start the process all over again. I know what you mean, living in corn country does make one want to be as crazy as possible. I mean, who care? It´s not fashion week in Milan! It´s just Algona so I can look as freaky as I want to be and freak everyone out. You go girl.

emdunbar said...

I must say, that after two weeks, the hair is looking much cuter than pictured...or I have convinced myself as such.

Angela--I did have the Mary Stuart Masterson thing going for awhile. If only I could play the drums and pull off wearing wifebeater and fingerless leather gloves with fringe on the wrists! Some Kind of Wonderful rocks.

Hopi--Algona, Iowa doesn't resemble fashion week in Milan?! Come on! You've got that fancy little store that sells Chiuaua clothes--that's gotta count for something. Just soak up the fashions while in Madrid--come home wearing high heels, leather and fur. That'll freak 'em out in the highest pig producing county in Iowa.

Your Physical The rapist said...
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emdunbar said...
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