Monday, July 03, 2006

Fresh Air

Darrell Scott and his father Wayne are scheduled to be on NPR's Fresh Air today for anyone who is interested. Darrell's new album, Invisible Man, just came out and it rocks. I will be very interested to hear what he has to say.

When I opened for him at the Listening Room (I could say that ALL DAY LONG), he didn't say much. He told me about his new coffee maker that he bought somewhere between Omaha and Hastings. Then he busted it out of the box and made us a cup of coffee. And then after my set (which I agonized over--who am I playing to? my songwriting HERO who may or may not be standing in the back of the room depending on what his pre-show ritual is or the audience? And what if I suck and DARRELL SCOTT is listening?!) he said, "That was really good."

After the show I tried to explain to him how much his music and his songwriting mean to me; how he has inspired me in my own songwriting and has given me a level of excellence to strive for; how his unique style has encouraged me to think outside of the box. I got a little choked up. I mean, I LOVE this man's music. He said, 'Hey...thanks, Emily."

I don't mean to paint him in an unkind light. He is a very nice man--just a man of few words. I respect that. I don't think he said ANYTHING during his second set. It was actually like a giant medley with one amazing song with unbelievable guitar work flowing directly into the next.

So to hear him sit down with Terry Gross and talk about music for any length of time... sweet!

Check it out!

PS. I took the photos below that the Folk Alliance conference in Austin last February. I saw Darrell play everyday we were there (I think we were starting to creep him out). These shots are of a joint set with Buddy Mondlock. It was superb. And it was in a hotel suite-- not a concert hall or a hotel ballroom...a double sized hotel room If they are a little blurry, it's because we were all up in their business.


Anonymous said...

I don't know I need to? Where is a good place to start? I was just thinking the other day that I needed some new folksy artists in my life, so let me know. -Mel

emdunbar said...

yes, you need to know darrell scott. i would call him alt. country, but many huge country stars have recorded his songs (long time gone & heartbreak town by the dixie chicks for starters). i would start with the cd "aloha from nashville" or "invisible man." if you just want to download a couple tracks i would get "you'll never leave harlan alive" or "it's a great day to be alive" from the former and "hank william's ghost" or "i'm nobody" from the latter. he is my favorite.