Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Right now we are watching Borat. I use the terms both "we" and "watching" loosely. I simply cannot take it. I cannot watch. I have to leave the room. I like sitting here in the office where I can hear it but don't have to watch. When I was sitting on the couch I was mostly hiding my face. He makes my shouldners tense up. He makes me nervous and uncomfortable...but he is so freaking funny.

And Sasha Baron Cohen is so handsome...and, thankfully, so NOT Borat.


Tim said...

yeah, in real life, he looks remarkably like this one lutheran pastor i know -- it's interesting you posted this picture of him as his "regular self" -- i noticed the same picture earlier on some other website, and thought of paul right away... borat (the movie) hasn't made its way over here yet, so i am still waiting for the antics of throwing jews down wells and other redneck activities from the american heartland to make their appearance here... i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad things.

emdunbar said...

He does kind of look like Paul. No wonder I think he's so cute. He being Sascha Baron Cohen and not Borat.