Monday, March 26, 2007

spring sprung

1. It is supposed to be 80ish today. Crocuses and tulips are opening up. Daylillies are pushing through.

2. I am starting week 2 of my new fitness regimen. I am alternating running and yoga daily. I do not feel the pounds melting away. I do not feel my pants getting looser. I trick myself into thinking "getting started is the hard part." And I feel smug and self-satisfied to just be out of the house in sweats and trainers. I run a block and then am amazed at all the negative thoughts that come into my mind. I want to stop running and go home. I want to stop running and go home and drink a Coke and eat a bag of M&M's. Getting started is not the hard part. I'm a good starter. I'm not so good with the follow through....which is why twice a year I say "and NOW I'm really going to get in shape and back to pre-baby weight!" and I never have and Oliver is almost FIVE. But I shall persevere. I can change my life, right?

3. I started recording yesterday! Whoop! I went over to Todd's after church and we sat in front of the recording console and he began explaining things to me and I thought, "Oh, crap." It seemed overwhelming. But then he went downstairs to wash beer bottles (he's brewing his own beer these days) and left me to it. I did great. I laid down guitar and vocal tracks for a song, then laid down two accordion tracks. The accordion tracks aren't keepers--I'll have to redo them--but I UNDERSTAND how to do that much. Now, once I have the tracks I need I'll have to figure out mixing, but that's a whole other ball of wax. Which is good. It IS a whole other ball of wax which I will deal with when the time comes.

He had the mics set up facing the corner. It had the same affect of singing in the shower, which sounded great. But I kept turning my whole body so I could see out the window. I finally rearranged the whole room so I could sing looking out the window. The sound bouncing off the glass does not have the same feel as it bouncing back off the wall, but I am much happier. Facing the corner I only had the vocal mic staring me in the face and saying "you better make this good!" But when I faced the window I could relax a little more, blur my sight a little and not focus on anything but see the green of the trees and cars moving down the street and sing a little more naturally.

I was there for about four hours yesterday and am going back as soon as Ollie goes to school. I have thought of little else since then. I'm chomping at the bit. Fun. Fun. Fun.

4. Oma and Opa have arrived to spread a little grandparent love around the house. Opa is playing "Guess Who?" with Ollie just outside my door. Paul made bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Tonight Jean & Gus will come over, I'm sure. Good stuff.

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