Wednesday, March 07, 2007

TODAY the school nurse called regarding:

Head Lice.
The fun never ends, folks. The fun never ends.


Hope said...

Do your kids have it or is it just a "beware" call?

emdunbar said...

beware call? ha! of course not. of course it's Moses who has head lice--but the "good news" is it's just eggs and not live lice. hooray. so, I'm washing the boys' bedding and when mo gets home his clothes, hats and coat. then we get to use the fancy shampoo and the metal comb. that should be the end of it. the nurse showed 'em to me when i took ollie (who thankfully is louse-free) to school. she check phoebes too--who is also louse free. doesn't it make you itch just thinking about it?