Thursday, March 08, 2007

shout out

So, my friend Todd Brown is making a move. He is a great singer/songwriter and all around good guy. He now has a cd to promote and tomorrow he gets to promote on Nebraska Public Radio's Friday Live.

We've been playing in the same circle (both literal and figurative) for a couple of years--both of us enjoying writing, playing locally, and dreaming of what we might do with our music. And the time has come for Todd to move on it and it's very exciting. I can't wait to see what happens.

Admittedly, I'm jealous, but I plan to ride his coattails. I'm actually using Todd's recording equipment to put a cd together as soon as I take the PPST (MONDAY!). So in my afteroons I'll be hitting the spare room at Todd and Cody's and recording.

Go to Todd's new myspace digs; listen to the songs he has up; then email him and say you want to buy his cd. It's good stuff.


Carey said...

This has nothing to do with Todd Brown. I appreciate the way your used, "literal" and "figurative." You know, rather than, "literally" and "figuratively." Thank you.

emdunbar said...

that use is correct, isn't it? it seems like it should be "literally" and "figuratively" if it is referring to "playing", but when referring to "circle" this way seems right. i'm one of those "i know what sounds right but i'm never exactly sure why" type of grammar people.

Melanie said...

Nothing to do with Todd Brown, either. I'm back. Can hardly believe it myself. :)