Tuesday, February 27, 2007

too much drama for this mama

Yesterday the school nurse called. Okay, it was Paul's day off and we were watching the last available episode of the Sopranos on dvd and let the machine get it. Then it rang again and this time we listened and it was someone from the church office saying, "...they tried your phone and cell phone and then called here so..." So. We got nervous and called the school to get this ridiculous news: Moses had rocks in his ear. For Pete's sake. The nurse (who we--and especially Mo--are on close terms with after his head got split open at school last year resulting in seventeen stitches and semi consciousness) was able to get one rock out, but another remained that she simply could not reach with the tools in the school nurses office. I called the doctors office. We went right after school where he extricated a surprisingly large pebble from Mo's ear.

After dinner the boys were running around in the living room while I was cleaning up the waffle residue from the kitchen when Ollie started screaming. It's amazing that, with kids running around screaming all the time in this house, it is totally obvious when something is really wrong. I heard Ollie's "I'm really hurt and freaking out scream." I ran in to find a gash above his right eye and blood streaming down his face compliments of the corner of the toybox. I went into supernatural mommy calm; scooped him up; took him into the kitchen; got a paper towel to hold on his cut; and in my supernatural mommy calm voice asked Phoebe to please get a ziplock bag full of ice and for Moses to please bring me the phone and dial this number. Paul was birdwatching, but just a few blocks from home when I got him on the cell. We hemmed and hawed about stitches. The gash wasn't very long, but it was deep. We called a nurse friend who said "don't worry about it." Which we were glad to hear because I really didn't want to pay for stitches and lydocane and ER fees.

Today I had to go back to the doctor with Phoebe whose asthma has just gone nuts. Of course it has gone nuts because I let her prescription run out. We get it through the mail from our insurance company, which is cheaper and give us larger quantities than Walgreens, but it doesn't refill automatically so I have to keep track and then it takes like a week for a prescription to be processed and shipped. In the meantime she's wheezing and coughing and miserable and I feel like a jerk because I'm in charge of the meds. And then I start to wonder if, when I'm working and going to school full-time, will I still be in charge of all these things. Actually, it's less of a question and more of a "Oh, crap. Next year I will be working/going to school full time and I will still be in charge of all these things I can't get done when I'm a full-time homemaker.

We're doomed.


Carey M. said...

So, maybe this is all a dry run? You're just going through crisis scenerios... making sure that you have it together? Coming up with crisis plans... I know, it's real life... I'm just always trying to learn new things. And trying to make sense of what you are going through... and wanting for you to go to school and for it to be awesome.

emdunbar said...

It is true that nothing REALLY awful...and we handled it in good humor. It would have been hard to NOT handle the rocks with humor.