Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spoiling the Sopranos

Paul and I are currently watching the first half of the sixth and final season of The Sopranos on dvd. We've watched each season after its video release. For whatever reason their filming schedule has been nutty. They waited a couple years between the fifth and sixth season. Then they filmed half a season, which aired on HBO this fall. The second half of the sixth season and the end of the show will air this spring...I think. I don't really keep up. I just occasionally look and see if new discs are out.

So we've got the first disc in: Season 6: Part 1: Disc 1. As it's been a couple years since we've seen any of this we watch the little recap for each season. Then, with great excitement, we watch the first episode.

It all seemed strangely familliar to me. The opening scene shows Carmella and Adriana walking through the frame of a house being built. Paul was confused because the last we saw, Adriana got whacked. I said, "Yes, Aid's dead. Carm is just dreaming this. They are walking through the spec home she and her dad are building only he used subgrade wood and thinks he can bribe the building inspector, but the inspector he knows has retired so Carmella gets really mad...." Paul looks at me like he has never heard of any of this. I then realize that none of what I have just described has happened yet in the episode. So, I'm psychic now?

I make a couple more comments, spoiling the scenes which are about to take place. Finally I drive the nail in the coffin by saying, "Wait...wait...I thought Uncle Junior SHOT Tony! I thought he was all crazy with dementia and shot him and the last we saw Tony he's lying on the floor trying to call 911! Why wasn't that on the recap?!?"

And then Paul realized what was going on.


My parents have cable. I was visiting the week the first episode aired last fall. I watched it. I totally RUINED this GREAT episode he had been waiting two years to watch. I gave a way the killer ending about 10 minutes into the hour-long episode.


I'm lucky I didn't get whacked.

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