Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gillian Welch, Ray LaMontagne & Darrell Scott

These are a few of the artists I will be seeing at the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival for which I am leaving in 2 hours. Oh SNAP! I get to leave the fam at home, road trip with my pal Angela, camp in the mountains, drink New Belgian beer, dip my toes in a stream, strum my guitar and hear some fantastic music.

My excuse for not posting all week: facebook. Facebook is the best thing ever. I have to look at it 100 times a day. It makes myspace seem like child's play.

I'll post when/if I return.


Steven said...

May I remind you of your comment to me, May 8, 2007, about Facebook:

"I don't get Facebook at all. My youth group kids wanted me to use it instead of myspace as a hub-of-info sort of thing, but I just didn't GET it. . . . You better not switch teams."

Funny how things change!

emdunbar said...

and suddenly I get it and have officially switched teams. i love facebook.