Thursday, November 02, 2006

she thrifts...she scores!

I went to Goodwill this morning in search of 100% wool sweaters. Halloween is over and my thoughts have turned back to crafting Christmas presents. I've got my family presents at least planned out and in many cases underway or completed. But, as today is teacher conference day for the Dunbar kids, I started considering my options for teacher gifts.

I'm found some great sweaters which I'm going to felt up and make bags--possibly cell phone cozies?--out of. I'm not exactly sure.

Felting is when you take wool that is knit or crocheted fairly loosely together (like a regular sweater) and you put it in hot soapy water. All the fibers mat together to make a thick, tight fabric. If you've ever accidentally ruined a wool sweater--you felted it.

Last spring I felted up some sweaters and tried to construct slippers out of them...which didn't quite pan out...but I could see the possibilites of felting thrifted sweaters.

I also tried my hand at crocheting and then felting a hat. I did it twice, actually, and neither time were the results wearable. Once the rim of the hat was all floppy and rippley and the second time the form was better but it felted up too small. I figure with buying $2 I'm cutting my cost (by not buying exensive wool yarn) and effort (by not crocheting an object twice the size it will be after felting) so if these don't turn out (oh, but they WILL) it won't be so upsetting (I can chalk three botched projects up to experience and my "crafting journey"...but if it turns to four I might get pissed) .

So, I've tried my hand at felting before, but the November issue of Martha Stewart Living has some cute felting projects that made me want to try it again. I love Martha.

Here are the sweaters:
I also scored this killer postman sweater. It's 100% acrylic--so crazy warm--and that postal gray/blue with the USPS patch. I can't wait to wear it!

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Anonymous said...

i'm so curious to see what you do with your felted, thrifted goods. my mom bought me a pattern and yarn to knit and then felt a purse, and it does seem odd to do sooo much knitting and then have a much smaller piece...but i want to try it. lmk how your crafting goes.

emdunbar said...

I ran them through the washer (with dish soap) yesterday and now they are tiny! I'll let you know what happens next....a's like a crafting soap opera.