Sunday, November 12, 2006

not QUITE what I had in mind

I am going on a trip. By myself. I get to fly. I'll be gone Fri-Tuesday.

Unfortuneatley, this is because my dad fell off the roof and busted himself up good. He is okay, by which I mean, it is not life-threatening. However, he completely shattered his left wrist and broke his right elbow. He's having surgery on both tomorrow. It sounds like there will be multiple wrist surgeries. He's been in dual casts from fingers to shoulders all weekend in a trauma unit. He also has a huge gash on his forehead and just generally roughed up. I haven't talked to him (how would he hold the phone?) but my mom says he's just mad as all get out that it even happened. But that's the nature of an accident, right? Something catastrophic that you didn't foresee, so how could he have known? Somehow, I don't think sharing that would make him feel any better.

Anyway, I'll be glad just to see him and hang out and help where I can. He'll be home by then, I think. So I can, at the very least, sit and visit and go get him a Coke Zero when he's thirsty and change the channel if he can't hold the remote.


Angela said...

Sorry to hear that Em. My mom broke her arm 2 years ago on December 23. She was in quite a bit of pain. I can only imagine how having both arms affected must feel. I will pray for your safe trip, and for your Dad!

emdunbar said...

Thanks, Angela. Surgery went well yesterday. The wrist was much better than expected, but the elbow was much worse. He'll be home Thursday or Friday. I'll be glad to be there.

Melanie said...

Wow, that sounds painful, all of it. And such a maddening way to be injured, I'm sure. Well, I know your parents are so glad for you to be home helping. Do you know how long you'll be there? (We're coming to stl Monday...) Let me know.

emdunbar said...

Your coming to StL?!? I leave Tuesday morning....we could have breakfast! Or get together Monday night? How exciting.

Of course I totally forgot it's Thanksgiving next week. In my mind it's still mid-september.

Melanie said...

yeah, monday night might be great...we are driving there monday and so don't know exactlywhen we'll get in...late afternoon or early evening? but we could get coffee or somesuch...i'd love that. i'll email you.