Sunday, June 01, 2008

children's tv programming ain't what it used to be

Sesame Street 1972


Steven said...

I now see why people liked Stevie Wonder so much -- much better than now, I think.

All this needs is some dancing muppets . . . they were really ahead of their time with this, I think.

Susan said...

No kidding! The backup dancer kid on the balcony is excellent. Who would you choose for a 7-minute jam session on Sesame Street 2008? I've seen the Dixie Chicks, Alicia Keys, and Norah Jones -- all with Elmo singing adapted "educational" versions of their hits.

emdunbar said...

i've been thinking a lot about this question, susan. My first thought was Brett Dennan, but since he actually HAS a children's record it's not that big of a stretch. Keller Wiliams? That would be fun. I saw the Spin Doctors once on there doing an educational version of Two Princes. I coud do without the educational versions.

Steve--I've always been a big Stevie fan. Have you ever heard him when he was Little Stevie Wonder? Amazing!