Monday, May 19, 2008

More Bonehead Moments

Last night we had two Netflix DVDs to choose from: "Across the Universe" and "No Country for Old Men." Paul said he was in the mood for "No Country..." This surprised me because we were starting late after an evening with friends in the backyard and I sort of felt like lighter fare. But no matter; I deferred; in went "No Country for Old Men."

It turns out Paul had, in his mind, confused "No Country for Old Men" with "The Bucket List." Why he would have imagined I'd ordered "The Bucket List" from Netflix is another issue, but imagine his surprise when Javier Bardem's character started strangling people with handcuffs and blowing their brains out with an air compressor. Nicholson and Freeman in the feel good movie of the year it is not.


Carey said...

That movie FREAKED ME OUT. No Country... Seriously, I think it is an amazing film, but I found a dime on my kitchen floor the next day and became paralyzed.

emdunbar said...

It freaked me out to. Chugar is so incredbily nutso--in a calm methodical terrifying way. Yikes.