Thursday, June 07, 2007

work in progress

Our first mix of two songs here.


jeremy said...

Speaking of mix, Rachel and I are taking a road trip tomorrow in a car with only a cassette deck, so I dusted off my old cassette boxes and pulled out, among other mix tapes, the Morbid Landspeeder mix. Niiiiice.

emdunbar said...

Morbid Landspeeder. Wow. Do tell, what did I put on there--Indigo Girls? Counting Crows? Crappy Alternative Christian Rock?

Steven said...

I'll reiterate the fact that Karrie and I want to buy a CD when they're done! These sound great and fun . . . I hear the Nanci Griffith influence (though your voice is easier on the ears). . . congrats on the progress!

jeremy said...

I think I made the Morbid Landspeeder mix in response to your The (not) Morbid and (not) Pale mix:

1. beautiful, scandalous night
2. he wants me back
3. stockton gala days
4. there she goes
5. brother
6. the best part
7. looking at the sun
8. could it be another change
9. come a long way
10. three flights up
11. pure
12. mystery
13. how did you find me here
14. oakcliff bra
15. river where mercy flows
16. stay
17. it'll probably make me cry
18. me by the sea
19. sweet pain
20. a little more
21. if wishes were changes
22. ghost
23. pray where you are
24. wing and a prayer
25. verdi cries
26. walk forever by my side
27. the kid
Morbid Landspeeder Mix

1. half a person
2. accidentally kelly street
3. james
4. speed of the sound of loneliness
5. by his wounds
6. my, how you've grown
7. cemetry gates
8. pictures of you
9. sabotage
10. no ship coming in
11. allegory
12. shoplifters of the world unite
13. please, please, please
14. labour of love
15. moonshiner
16. the drowners
17. there is a light
18. girls and boys
19. the more you ignore me
20. being simple
21. sublime
22. mary jane
23. ???
24. badhead
25. ordinary angels
26. frankly, mr. shankly
27. end of a century
28. stupid
29. untitled
30. ask
31. cuscutian
32. asleep


emdunbar said...

Steve, thank you! I will, of course, keep you posted on progress.

Jeremy, I judged our younger selves to harshly. Those are good tapes! I bet I have my copies stored away in a box somewhere. I should find them. I could use a little Dance Hall Crashers, The Smiths, and Frente. What happened to Frente? Have a good trip!

Susan said...

These are beautiful! The perfect soundtrack for an evening of cupcake baking for tomorrow's birthday party. The next-best thing to having the real deal sitting in my kitchen.

jill said...