Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Meat-Free August!

This is the third year we have had a meat-free month. The past two years it has been July, but we forgot...so, hooray for Meat-Free August! We got the idea from our friends Susan and Ben who did something similar. It's actually a nice when the weather is hot to steer clear of heavy meats. It's good practice for when we have our vegetarian friends over (come home, Tim!) and it's always fun to try something new.

Dinner Menu Items:
Sweet Potato & Corn Soup
Spinach Lasagne
Olive Waffels
Moroccan Sweet Potato & Spinach Stew
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Black Bean Burgers
Veggie Joe's
Scrambled Eggs (thank you Sparky)
Stirfry Tofu & Broccoli
Red Potato & Red Pepper Tart
Cream of Tomato Soup (thank you Steinauers)
Black Bean Tacos
We're not too strict about it. If we go out to eat, anything goes--hence the hotdogs & shishkabobs at a cookout last Friday.
I mentioned Meat-Free August last night at dinner (black bean burgers -- delicious) and Phoebe said, "That's a good idea. We should do that sometime!" The kids obviously haven't missed the meat. Moses said, "Let's do it until December!" Oliver saw that December and raised him, "Let's do it forever!" And Paul and I both said we liked bacon too much to never eat meat. That was an argument no Dunbar could deny.
I'm not stingy with recipes so if you want any of those, let me know.


tim lentz said...

hmm, the screen is all in japanese, so i'm not sure if this is working right or not... we'll see, i guess!

em, i was gonna fly home as soon as i heard about meat-free august, but then i heard there were SNAKES ON THE PLANE, so i got scared... did you know that, like in ireland, there are no snakes in japan?

actually, i just made that up. it's not true at all.

i love you guys,


emdunbar said...

Are there spiders in Japan?