Monday, August 14, 2006

almost famous

I had a gig this weekend--the Kool-Aid Days mainstage in downtown Hastings. Follow this link and play the video coverage from our cracker jack news team and you can almost hear and almost see me. Scott Dobroski deems me "good music." There are several Kool-Aid Days stories--be sure to scroll down to "Kool Aid Flowing in Downtown Hastings."


Hope said...

I love the far away shot of you on stage with just a tiny hint of song in the clip. it leaves me wanting more.

emdunbar said... and everyone else in centreal nebraska, hope...everyone wants a little more me...:)

Anonymous said...

michael and i replayed it several you hear her, now you see her/don't hear her, but that's defnitely her...that kind of thing. :) made us both smile. a fun gig...did you chug some k'aid?