Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dunbar vs. Martha Stewart Omnimedia

It's on, Martha Stewart! You snagged my idea. You're goin' down.

Emily's T-Shirt Bag

Marth's T-Shirt Bag

Notice my post is is dated Aug. 5 and Martha's is dated Oct. 5.


Melanie said...

take 'em on,'re my craft queen any day.

Susan said...

Does this mean finals are over, or is M.S. Omnimedia a favorite study break? :)

j said...

And yours are WAY cuter. She's got NUTHIN' on you, that Martha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily! It's Alexis, the girl that went to Wicked with you last night! My mom and I think your bags are much cooler than Martha's.

Carey said...

Mr. T is so much cooler than I *heart* NY.