Sunday, July 01, 2007

seacrest out

I've written a lot of stupid things, but that title may take the cake.

For the past three weeks I've been a real jerk about returning emails and phone calls. My sincere apologies to all whom I owe one or the other. I think it's just summer lethargy setting in...or that annoying busy-ness and frantic-ness that is caused by...what?...going to the pool and the library? I think I need a little more structure in my life than summer is giving me and all sorts of things are falling through the cracks. Sorry. I WILL call you. I WILL email you. I WILL get around to posting about a week.


jeremy said...

em, couldn't find your e-mail, so i'm leaving this here.


Perhaps a mini-soaring-hawk reunion in St. Louis for Hawk Stew and a documentary.

Brenda Chryst said...

Em! Wholly cow! It has been too long. I would Love to "catch up"... drop me a line