Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Inspirational Songs

Last night on American Idol the theme was "inspirational songs." The best thing about American Idol is picking out what songs I would sing (and--okay--what I would wear). Inspirational songs is tricky. I was sure the Beat-Box Guy would sing Man in the Mirror. I love that song. He didn't. He did a crappy Imagine. The Justine Timberlake Guy sand Clapton's Change the World and was good. The girls were all way better than the boys but I can't remember any of the songs. You'll Never Walk Alone, I think.

Anyhoo. What would I pick? Well, for true spiritual inspiration, I'd want to pick something from the solid old hymnody. But I don't think Crown Him With Many Crowns or Lift High the Cross would go over well with the judges. (We sang the latter last week during communion and I could hardly stay in my seat. Why would we sing that SITTING DOWN?!) Nor would something by Luther or Martin Franzman.

But here are the songs I thought of--probably none of which would go over on AI, which is just fine. Maybe if they have Singer-Songwriter Idol (SSI) these would be big hits. These are just a few that came to mind. I'll keep adding to this list if I think of more. I'd love to hear what you would sing.

Echoes --Dar Williams
The Only Way -- Mark Erelli
Hardtimes -- Stephen Foster
Seeds of Peace -- Mark Erelli
Let the River Run -- Carly Simon
(I have no idea what this song is about, but I've always loved it)
(my brother had this album and the b-side had the version I linked to here with everyone speaking. we listened to it over and over and over. i haven't heard it in years and i could speak along with it "hello, this is sara from bananarama....")
God Believes in You -- Pierce Pettis


jill said...

ooh-ooh!! Fun topic. And so many choices...I'd pick "I'll Fly Away," "Down in the River to Pray," both as performed by Alison Krauss..."Before This Time" by Ollabelle...shoot--this might make a blog of my own. I'll have to keep thinking. Thanks for provoking my thoughts!

Steven Lincoln said...

Too hard to think . . .

Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin
Passing Through by Mark Erelli
Hammer and a Nail by Indigo Girls

Are you sensing a Robin guitar-teaching influence here?