Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hold on to Your Virtue!

Sunday night on PBS: Masterpiece Theater presents a new, two-part production of

Check your local listings; hold on to your virtue; and beware of what lurks in the attic.


Hope said...

Emily, Did you watch it? Jon and I watched it and we both went away :
1. Wanting more
2. Thinking it was pretty provocative/ scandalous (I didn't read such playfulness into the interaction in the novel so perhaps I need a re-read).
3. Pretty convinced that Mr. Rochester is committing sexual harrassment in the workplace and would get his ass handed to him by some feminist judge in this day and age.

emdunbar said...

I watched it and LOVED it. Not knowing how I could wait a week for the next installment, I started reading it again. Masterpiece Theater has made it totally (and delightfully!)scandalous! I read it maybe two years ago and Jane was not so flirty with Rochester. She held her "place." But those scenes were pretty "swoony" in the book--in the bedchamber after the fire and when she was leaving to go to her Aunt Reed. I loved that little Lucy Pevensie was the young Jane and I totally remember the following bit, because it is so funny--and I paraphrase, I'm sure:

Do you know where good girsl go when they die?
Heaven, sir.
Do you know where liars go when they die?
Hell, sir.
And how will you take care not to go there?
I shall keep in good health, sir.

I had hoped it would be good and I thought it was and then some. I can't wait until next week. In the meantime, I'm reading it.

I think I need to pay much clower attention to what Masterpiece Theater is up to. Good stuff!