Friday, June 16, 2006

She's Crafty--and she's just my type

Father's Day Craftiness

I have become a craft-addict. Now, before you imagine me scrapbooking and doily-making away or outfitting our home with kuntry krafts (I know it's Nebraska, people, but please) go to and see how cool craftiness can be.

So here is my father's day craftiness for Paul: A short-billed dowitcher shirt.

Most birdwatching shirts are cheesey (I know you are wondering how that could possibly be) with...I don't know...birds being identified by their poop and whatnot. But Paul loves birding and he wears shirts so I thought I'd make my own, non-cheesey (you can decide for yourselves) version. This is also my first attempt at stenciling.

Here's a play by play:
  • buy cute shirt
  • find image of short-billed dowitcher on internet, enlarge and print
  • lay waxed paper over image and cut out single-use stencil with exacto knife
  • lay waxed paper stencil over shirt, hold in place with double stick tape
  • fill in stencil with acrylic paint and stencil brush
  • let dry, remove stencil, set with iron
  • present shirt to happy dad.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Where are the pockets for all the camera lenses, binocs, bird books, sighting journals, pens, sun screen ... ? I'll be looking for one of these in the next Cabella's catalog.